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Hooper & Mill Family Lawyers | Brisbane, Queensland

Hooper Family Lawyers has been providing Family Law services to the Brisbane Bayside, South Brisbane and Greater Brisbane area since 1 July 2010. Like any business or project starting from scratch it has been a journey with many ups and downs. From working in my bedroom at home and worrying about whether the phone would […]

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Family Law and Covid 19 vaccinations for children in Australia

Vaccination for Covid 19 is one of the most divisive issues currently facing Australian society and in many other countries around the globe. It is difficult to recall any issue that has been so characterised by divergent opinion, censorship, extraordinary new Government powers, authoritarian policing and uncertainty surrounding the efficacy of the vaccinations. The most […]


Costs in Family Law Matters

Most people understand that legal services are expensive. Lawyers are highly trained professionals who spend many years (and many dollars themselves) towards obtaining degrees, being out of the full-time workforce studying and incurring HECS debt.  Some lawyers have fixed fee agreements or a hybrid of fixed costs and time costing for different tasks however by […]


Tips for separating “successfully”

Separation is a very difficult time for many people which is not surprising given that typically it combines some form of loss with fear and uncertainty as to the future.  Family lawyers are not counsellors but a good family lawyer ought to be able to empathise with the situation clients find themselves in; and provide […]


Domestic Violence Orders and Parenting Orders

It is not uncommon in family law parenting matters for issues of domestic violence to arise. Family violence is relevant evidence for the court to consider in determining what parenting order will be in the best interests of children.  At the same time, a party to the parenting orders may have obtained a domestic violence […]

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