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The 20 year itch: Divorce rates spike

The number of couples divorcing after 20 years of marriage has doubled in the past 10 years as more parents wait until the kids leave home to separate. Women’s Weekly Article


What if divorced homes weren’t broken?

But what if divorced homes weren’t broken at all and children were, in fact, thriving? What if parents were happily living apart and setting a good example to children, who were secure in the knowledge that they are loved and valued by both parents? Read article here


Holidaying after Divorce

AN Australian travel agent is bringing new meaning to the term “gay divorcee” – organising holidays for divorced women who want to kick up their stilettos. Read article here

Dating after Divorce

Many divorcees will ask questions such as how long do I stay single? Should I date someone because my ex is? Do I need to remain single for my kids’ sake? Where do I begin finding a new partner?-Read original article

Father’s Role

The importance of the father’s role is recognised in the Family Law Act 1975 promoting the rights of children to have meaningful relationship with both parents. Read original article from Kidspot here.

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