QLS Acc. Specialist

The Queensland Law Society (“QLS”) website states the following with respect to the specialist accreditation program:

“The program provides practitioners with an opportunity to formally recognise a high level of competency and knowledge in their chosen area of legal practice and guidance for the public, and within the profession, as to which practitioners are leaders in their area of expertise.

Accredited specialists have extensive experience, and have successfully completed an advanced, peer reviewed assessment program specific to their area of expertise.”

The specialist accreditation program is available to practitioners with a minimum of 5 years experience within in the specialist area. The practitioner must also produce references from senior lawyers practicing in the specialist field.

In addition to the above, to obtain specialist accreditation the practitioner must undertake rigorous written examinations, conduct a “mock file” and participate in a simulated client interview. If the practitioner passes all three areas they can become an accredited specialist. The failure rate for the program is high due to the high standards the QLS maintains.

Re-accreditation must be done each year with accredited specialists being required to undertake additional continuing legal education each year to maintain specialist accreditation and continuing to meet minimum practice requirements within their specialist field.

If you are searching for family law lawyers in Brisbane ensure that you look for an accredited specialist.

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