How a child custody lawyer earns their stripes

A child custody lawyer is no stranger to disputes, separations, and court proceedings. They’ve seen and experienced it all. Having a lawyer like this during a difficult time is best for the parent who doesn’t know where to start or who to turn to. The lawyer’s sat through hostile disputes, the more ‘civilised’ mediations, and custody matters going to court.

Despite this, some people might ask:“is this person qualified?”. Skepticism is natural and, of course, you want the best. Any legal practioner you meet has worked long and hard to get to where they are today. They’d have gone to university, then proceeded to Practical Legal Training. This is required in all states except Western Australia. Completing the practical training earns them a Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice. The prospective lawyers must then apply for a license to practice and admission to the law society in their state. Having a membership with a society puts their name on a “roll call” of lawyers that are qualified to work. 

Lawyers are constantly educating themselves; they attend seminars and receive updates from the law societies they’re registered with. Every few years, attourneys and law practices must update their licenses in order to keep working.

After reading all the above information, you know your lawyer is qualified for at least general practice. Many lawyers and solicitors commonly go on to study their masters, attain graduate diplomas, and have memberships with the Queensland Law Society and the Family Law Practitioners Association. Child custody lawyers, or at least other employees in the firm, can work as solicitors and mediators. You’ll want these people on your side during dispute resolution, something compulsory in every custody case.

There is no official title for ‘child custody lawyers’ as such, but there’s attourneys who’ve got experience with parenting disputes. Offices like Hooper Mill Family Lawyers deal with cases involving custody issues, domestic violence, and property law among others.

A child custody lawyer goes through years of formal education but never stops learning. They earn their stripes at university, through traineeships, and long hours. Clients come to them during one of the most difficult periods they’ll ever face. But the lawyer has seen and experienced it all.

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