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Family Law On The Gold Coast

Hooper Mill Family Lawyers has now set up our office in Coolangatta, Gold Coast. Family law covers a broad range of areas. We aim to bring our clients much needed advice and, if need be, representation in Court.


  • Consultations

Few people wake up one day and decide to separate. There’s different circumstances that lead to this decision. It’s important to approach such a significant life event with all the information you can obtain and thus it’s equally important to speak with an expert before making life changing decisions. Making an appointment with one of our team is the best first step to take. Consultations are on average 1 ½ hours. You will obtain the best legal advice that applies to your situation.

When you make an appointment with the Gold Coast office, make sure to fill out an initial attendance instruction sheet so your solicitor understands the background to your situation before we meet you.


  • Divorce and separation

If married parties have been separated for 12 months, this is evidence of irreconcilable differences allowing a divorce application to be made. Hopefully before reaching this point efforts have been made to engage in marriage/relationship counselling, unfortunately not always successfully. Our Hooper Mill Family Lawyers Gold Coast office can assist you with advice.


  • Mediation

Hooper Mill Family Lawyers also provide mediation services on the Gold Coast. Many family law cases are settled at mediation which means court involvement is not required. A mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates disputing parties to reach their own parenting or property settlement agreements. In parenting matters this is sometimes known as FDR or Family Dispute Resolution. Peter Hooper is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner able to provide private FDR in parenting disputes.

The main benefits of mediation are self-determination of the dispute, reduced costs, less delay and hopefully better relationship moving forward where children are involved.


  • Property settlement

There is no presumption of a 50/50 property split in Australia. There are a number of different factors taken into account by the Court in determining how property is divided between separating couples. If there are complex structures surrounding assets such as trusts or corporate structures or there is a business, it is very important to obtain expert advice early on.


  • Custody and parenting plans

Custody arrangements and parenting plans can be resolved at mediation. In some mediations the mediator might suggest a “child inclusive process”. Child-inclusive mediation via a specially trained expert, able to meet with the children, and report to the parties as to how the dispute might be impacting the children and assist the parties to place greater focus on the best interests of their children. Research indicates this helps in creating more amicable, longer lasting parenting plans and custody recommendations, with greater satisfaction for the parties.

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